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Pyroscope, formed in 2009, is a congregation of Manchesterís finest spinning talent. We have performed across the country at festivals, nightclubs, corporate events, weddings, and more.

Unique, breathtaking fire and light displays, with energetic and dedicated artists. Pyroscope will deliver that extra spark to any event.

Fire Shows
Our artists offer energetic and highly skilled fire shows. With poi, staff, nunchucks, hula hoops, mini staffs and more! Our shows are varied, skilled and sure to impress.

We come prepared with Fire safety gear including an extinguisher and fire blanket. We are also all covered by public liability insurance. Safety is our top issue, but rarely a problem. We generally ask for a 4-meter square area to perform, but we are flexible and can always find a place to play.

LED Glow Shows
We also have a variety of bright vibrant glow equipment. Ideal for indoor shows, small spaces or for people who are just a little safety conscious. Either way, our LEDs are just as beautiful as Fire.

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